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foxconvoy [userpic]

Burned out fox but a happy fox

November 13th, 2007 (09:19 am)

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current mood: cheerful
current song: Boosh season 3 XD

My life has been a funny bag of hammers latly but im finerly starting to move on and injoy myself fully again. I have a new guy in my life and hes picked me up shaken me down and made me think ahead and for that I love him as well as meny other things. Well the weekend of last fur meet i think i should start at MY GOD WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!! where should i start lol.

Day 1) Well Ill start with Friday night and after organising with Macenzie Wolf, Jade Koba, Noah and Big Bear we all met at my house to go to a halloween night at the TUC my loacal rock club and my god what a night as me noah and jade all when in full fur suit and cused a right sturr lol that was fun rocking away to Marilin Manson in my club that id been to for so many years in my foxconvoy suit ^^ i was so happy. Then about 2 am we staggered home in a taxi still in suit lol scared the driver no end ^^;.

Day 2) Of the furry madness when we all staggerd out of bed at about 11am most of us feeling like a skunk had sprayed us point blank in the face :) we forced ourselfs to get out the house and off to the furmeet that was in god knows where in london lol. But we all desided that for a giggle we should all go all the way there in suit (hay it save bringing the carryer lol) so after giving the bus driver a early morning shock at the site of a poalr bear asking for a weekly ticket and a puple fox getting on his bus with husky in toe we set off. Its funny top me that when i only had a tail to wear that you get more looks than if your in a full suit lol oh well we walked and wore our suits all the way into london and in the underground (some feet i may add) and ran to the new venue very late 3 pm >< to be told that the walk had left so we ran after them to find them comming back and after much photo action and hugging we walked slowly back to the bar. I at this point finerly gave in and took foxconvoy off you could almost feel the steem rising off me lol. But one amoung us had got the suit bug bad even more than me and jade if that were posble noah got into the meet took his off for 5 mins and then whent out and put it back on and did want to take it off XD. I will admit id did make me smile to see my head i made him bringhim such happyness. After numeros drinks and restige latter i remembered id said i was going to go to hamlys with my good frind Shema and Mustan so with head and most of my suit under arm we set off with a media hore noah still dragging behind in full suit still getting photos from passers by XD. Arr Hamlyes I just love walking into plushy heven but hate not having any money >< but it was fun to and my fav puppy Macenzie wolf was sooo kind to me to get me the new WWF fox plush ^^. after paying for him we realised noah had gone outside and proceed to put his suit back on bad idear >< he and us were moved on as they thought we were mussleing in on there name doh!! oh well i saw te funny side XD. Just a side note he still wore the suit all the way home XD

Day 3) Im really feeling the lack of sleep and the intence days before but we had some furry Smimming to do sunday and thats what we did Me, Noah, Big Bear , Jade koba, Macenzie Wolf, were all joined by my bro Jaded Blue, Bear in his new beemer BMW XD as well as Pete Darkfox and Tungro and his mate. so we all piled into the cars and headed to Coral Reaf Smimming pool and chilled that was fun I love looking at the life gards a they see lots of guys being playful trowing each over around in a way any strate guy would never dream of doing XD. After that we all went mostly our seperate ways and the core group of us sat and whached Pom Poco in a big fur pile on our bed ^^ what a weekend but there was still one day to go ^^

Day 4) After the burned out weekend we had me just chilled well floped about the house and before we kew it it was 5pm so Macenzie wolf collected us and we went to Big Bears house to have our fury fireworks display ^^. That was fun Big Bearsalways good with fireworks and it was a grate way to end the whole thing though

Only thing that upsets us all now is that we now all miss each other soo much we became a family for those 4 days and Im not te only one whos thinking it might be good for the main 5 of us to get a place together as we all miss each other now when we are away :( but that weekend has given me so much thankyou guys *huggles*

foxconvoy [userpic]

Confused and crushed and sad :(

October 19th, 2007 (10:10 am)

current location: Home
current mood: depressed
current song: None I Can't bear to hear any at the mo :(

Well my life has taken a turn and this time im not sure if i can take it :(. My boyfriend kit and I have spit up and i don't know what to think. We have been iffy for some time now for lots of reasons with us both trying to change to work things out but now we are spit and hes heading back home up north :(. Why is it when your upset with a relationship that you think theres no hope for you both you see nothing but pain and no future but when you are on the other end and you have slit you see nothing but a guy who wanted to give everything to you and was tryng so hard to keep you :(. I don't know what to do its all happaning so fast we have been together living for other 6 monthes and now hes off in 2 days I don't know when ill see him again even as a very good friend Ill miss him so much its going to hert. We diden't split badly in fact we did it very painlessly maybe that herts more as the last year we have been together seems to be so fast to end :(. I know part of it is the feeling of being alone again and at a time that im at my lowest with no job and worries on my mind I know my friends will be there for me but not waking up to that cat hogging all the covers :) will be somthing thats going to make me sob for sometime to come :(. I know I may not be alone for very long fate has a way I know but why dose it have to do it in such a sharp and painful way. And then theres the prob of kit going back to that room of his at his home up north before i met kit he hardly even went out of it and slept so much as there was nothing for him up there no friends no furs no jobs nothing i feel iv sentenced him back into that life like a jailer locking someone away and i can't bear it it's tearing me apart. Kit is a nice guy and i want his near me Id give anything to see him happy I know i may not be the perfect and maybe we were not ment to be but dose that meen i want him out of my life ?? NO!! I want him here and my friend and safe and happy and mostly by my side Im sorry kitty your always be my cat :(

foxconvoy [userpic]

Mixed up fox

October 17th, 2007 (02:41 pm)

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current mood: thoughtful
current song: FF7 Remixes

Hi there all my fuzzy and scaly friends. Im still a very mixed up fox at the mo still getting over the fact i could not get to the last meet I missed you all also still hoping sno and blacksnip haven't taken me for unreliable by not turning up to fit them for there heads :(. The reason was I needed to get out of this house being unemplyed has now hit me hard and its draining me day to day so i can bearly go out. When my best friend Noah lost his job resently I put my own feeling aside and got him back on his feet and a plan to get him into redaing and a new life with his friends as iv always had a soft spot for that bear of mine :). So he went to see his mum and her master (if you know him you know what im saying there) to sell buckles there really good too Koolbucklz.co.uk ^^ and they traval from show to show in a big nveco van. When he said he was going to work for them for a bit to get money for them to get a new van to live in and he was going to get the old one my first thought was to help out. But things kept going wrong first the money they needed seemed to much then when they did get the van noah could not get to me to pick me up as he needed insurence so I felt trapped in this god damn house once again :(. That wasen't helped by the fact that Big bear my other best friend was going on a long barge trip across contry with jade , that made me feel even worce and trapped even more . Just as i was at my lowest Noahs mum gave me a life line she would pay for me to go by train^^.

So packing up my stuff i got to westen super mear and saw my snug bear ^^ it was good fun and the traveling lifestyle is very cool sleeping in the back of a large van was soooooooo cool it has a double bed in it anyway only to open the van doors each morning to see nature and breath fresh air was somthing i so needed right now. I spent 6 days with his fam and him and iv never realied just how such a alt lifstyle could be so attative playing streetfighter alpha 3 on my laptop in a van while boiling water for tea with nothing for miles around you Ill miss that so much but then Noah has that van now so maybe ill see it again when he moves up here ^^.

Only other thing that made me sad is I lost my collor on the way home :( and Im so pissed off with myself too I need it for myself and my fursuit and i even had it engraved very personaly with both my charater and my own name on each side its going to cost me more than i have at the mo to get a new one made :(

Speeking of suits my fox convoy suit is now almost complete i was trying to get it done for the last meet but as iv said iv been helping Noah but im happy with hows hes turned out but i may start mark 2 as soon as this one is in the bag as there are bits id like to do better.

Anyway Ill try and post more don't forget me friends i love you all x

foxconvoy [userpic]

Wrightings of a fursuit maker

September 9th, 2007 (11:04 am)

Well the fox is back and Im very exausted iv had no luck with getting a job and its getting me down lots one of my best furry friends Noah is in tatters and im try to get my head strate but its not all bad news. As some of my friends may know by now iv branched my artistic skills into making fursuit heads somthing i thought i could never do as it seemed to be somthing most furrys run for fear of trying themselfs. Iv always been artistic iv been a semi pro painter of gamsworkshop and other models for a very long time now but always shyed from making my own stuff up. So now after a good solid 5 days of frantic work iv made my first head and at the last london meet Fox Peachey head mark 1 was revealed to the furry public and the feedback was fantastic ^^. Im now doing several heads for fellow furs Jade Koba, Big Bear, and my good friend Noah along with my mum who looks like shes comming to the meets when its done also i might be doing Kraken's and Blacksnip's to as well as one for my bro for xmas so im a busy fox but im not worried im injoying it and my second head Fox convoy is sitting by me ready to be looked at and worked on slowly over time as i get it I just whish i could make a living out of doing it a the smell of my flesh as its burned by hot glue is getting to be somthing id miss lol XD but it just dose not pay enouth i sopose sigh. Other than that had a fantastic time at the last London meet for reasons im sure you can understand my first trip out as a fursuiter was very odd but grate fun Tosca helped me sooo much and im glad she was there to hold my paw ^^.

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First entry for a while Im a lazy fox somtimes ^^ *wags*

July 30th, 2007 (11:31 am)

current location: Reading
current mood: cheerful
current song: Mostly gay Dance lol

Well I sopose i should start to put entrys on this thing lol. Well its been a lazy start to the iv just been kicking back and sorting out stuff i should ahve done eons ago ^^ but im just wasting time until kit comes back from his perents at 2 pm can't wait to see him. Saturday was the day i did the most stuff i sopose i went to see my good friend James (Big bear) and my fav hyper alicorn Jade who treeted us both to Expensive ice creem and Simsons movie. looking at lupestripe comments on the film id have to aggree it's .....ok its not fantastic just a large normal episode but as they have to keep the story pace going alot faster and of corce make it more inportent so they lose alot of the time that would be put into joke in the normal ep to just lots of marge and homer talking about how there marrage is braking up AGAIN!!! that never gets old guys "sigh" the bit with bart naked was funny they even showed his err sheath lol XD after comming across so much simpsons porn while looking for yiff it was funny to see them draw it for once LMAO. But after the film we went home Jade had a funny thing happan to her tho on the way to the film we heard some twat whisle at her shout "nice legs" and whisle again that in it self is not a odd thing but on the way home with it pissing with rain we all heard the same the same things again "nice legs" ect but when we looked about there was noone there it was very odd a sexist ghost of a bulder perhaps lol and we don't know it was her he was shouting at iv always said i have nice legs XD. After geting back and us all shaking te rain off onto bobby (Big Bears dog) well why should they be the only ones to do it ^^ we wached hot fuzz love that film good to see people who have not seen it try and tell me who did it when i know they all did lol. After sleeping in a furry bed (damn dog) Sat was just treking home to my whining mother who i want to leave to herself more and more. Its so painfly clear she wants me and kit out now shes got so bitter over the years and shes not even trying to connect with kit looks like im saving like crazy when i get a job (paws crossed soon) only thing i want to get is my fursuit head and maybe the very odd transfomer (colection 300) th rest is flat ect.

The last fur meet was a mixed bag for me had a good time seeing my furry friends it was good to see Rose (Warren) coming along with her family my ex was transex so i understand what shes going though so well. And the miles and kraken and of course the silly polar noah who iv been worried about latly we had a big hart to hart he made some silly mistakes latly and i hope he can make up for them. No walk about this time damn you whether *shakes paws* i had all my current fur to and i hate carrying it only to take it back unused. I agree with kitty tho we do need to try and make more out of these meets maybe even try and get a show booked up Lion king maybe ^^ or just like the north meets laser quest there must be one in london as i feel its just to hard for new furs like Big bear and Jade to meet friends as iv met so meny new furs from eating at fury events up north when we have some spare cash im going to go up there again i miss you all so much Kenno, Wolf baby, Twll, and yes Cerbus you to lol and so meny more *snugs*

I know this is a large post guys but there is one last thing i have to talk about being a transformers "fanboy" as my kitty puts it i have to give my acount of the Transfomers Movie as iv seen it a few times now. I have to admit i really was not sure what to make when they said they were doing a live action movie of transformers my feeling ranged from good god the cgi would have to be super realistic and that can only be good to but it will cost millions to have them on screen so there will be to much human shit in it and ill fall asleep before thay get on screen.
Well after avoiding all my Transformers podcasts as there all US based and started talking about it giving it all away way before we got the film over in the uk I went to see the seekpeek showing of it with all the over TF fans and my friends and my kitty of cource^^. Well kit being the super film buff he is did try and tell me Michael Bay likes to use shakey cam alot and hes not kidding, apart from that theres not much to hate about the whole thing the music scores fantastic can't wait for kitty to get it but the soundtracks crap dont get it kids i like disturded but that cd is mostly shit and not even in the movie i hate i when they do that. The human acting is on the whole good spike sorry Sam lol is a good up and coming actor i look forward to him doing well i diden't like the empty looking eye candy girl if shes a car nut and greese monky make her look a bit more tomboy like or maybe i just like tomboy girls lol. the rest of the cast do a good job. Now the Transfomers well it has always been said by hard core fans like myself that the looks are a bit odd the exo insides with bits of plateing over and hanging off it has never been a good look for the toys giving it the nickname Kibble but ILM could always make these bits of car, lorry ect panals fold up alot smaller than a toy could ever do so the look is a less solid but more human looking robot. As far as the cast for both sides they picked the normal key charaters for the autobots and the voises are well done im not keen on the way they lowered Peter Cullans voise (optimas prime) as much as they did it was ok as it was and Jazz sounds very odd that low it can be very hard to hear him over the music most of the time. Odd randon fact the guy who did Rachets voice did the music for Dic and Doms ask the family LOL XD small world. Desepicons are a mixed bag but Barricade is by far my fav of them all i love him i just wish they would make a supreme sized barricade toy id get him plus it looks like he suvives as you don't see him die yay can't wait to see him in the next one!!^^. the rest Bonecrusher,Starscreem,and Brawl of the troops are ok but cannon fodder for the most part Blackout was insanly cool and i know hes dead but there bring him back the fans will demand it!! and of course screemers still out there off to a base somewere to get new troops. Then we have megs now most wanted Frank Welker to do megs voise well we all did relly but then we heard him resently do megs in fact if you have the game you can hear him there as thats him and it dose not sound anything much like the 80s voice as hes old now so getting hugo to do it was a good thing and that and the fact they modded his voice to death noone knew it was him anyway lol but it sounds ok he dosen't say much anyway im still not sold on that crappy jet mode *cringes* toy wise? i have the 3 pound diddy megs and thats it as for me getting the 40 quid one?? fuck off XD. Story wise i liked it but it dose grate second time over seeing Sam get his car and fall in love ect. And all the bits with that dickhead in sector 7? i can see myself skiping that on the dvd. Thank god the first TF movie diden't have a love story lol. but when it gets going its cool. Comic value comes from well quite a few plces really as theres quite a few funny bits in it but robot wise it has to be Frenzy the boom box spy desepticon im glad they diden't call him Soundwave thanks Michael Bay hes very cool and funny as for getting a toy of him? we have 0% chance of that as he seems to have a 10000 moving parts held together but very litle^^. over all this the film is good its good for fans good for new fans to be and good for a sequel thats alreday in the works heres hoping to a trilogy and unicron to turn up lol 9/10 ^^

Well that it my first post and its a whopper alright Fox convoy out

*Claws paws muzzles and tails*

foxconvoy [userpic]

Hi all a furry Journal for a furry Fox

June 10th, 2007 (06:53 pm)

current mood: cheerful

Hi all this is my first journal entry forgive the spelling lol. Well whats the fox been doing well at the mo lots of things hehe im just getting on my feet after having my Boy Friend Kit come and live with me so now its up to me after he has his job for me to bite the bullet and get myself a full time job. So what about outside of work and money probs? well im feeling alot better and getting alot more relaxed and furry hehe still need a head to complete my fursuite and for finance reasons it could come true soon i hope *crosses paws* its hard to go to a fur meet with a near compleate suit and not have one part to compleate it while other furs walk with there 1600 pound suit that i can never buy. Well just went to the latest meet and it was a hot one boy was it bad only 2 suits showed up and they were very brave not even this fox put of his paws as much as i wanted to and belive me it takes alot to do that ^^ lol. My good friend noah cased chaos as always hehe and spirts were high but i don't think the pub had meny furs in it this week as it all moved outside and a good job too it was HOT in there.

Anyway thats my first entry ill try and do more as soon as i can if your reading this and like what you see please comment id love to hear from you all bye ^^

If you would like to see the small amout of pics iv taken of the latest london meet follow this link ^^ thankie!!!

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